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Twista Skylights - Wholesale Direct to Public

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Look no further for the best Sky lights in Australia. Install a Twista Skylight in your home, and brighten up your home using free natural light from the sun all year round.

  • No Leaks
  • 10 Year Warranty*
  • Made in Australia
  • Hail Proof
  • Self-Ventilating
  • Cools your Home in Summer
  • Installable on any Roof Type

Self Ventilated

The sun that our earth orbits around is an amazing manufacturer of energy, in both visible light and in heat production. In order to illuminate our homes using a skylight we want to utilise the suns lighting ability, but in Summer we want to avoid heating our homes.

Twista Skylights have engineered a self-ventilating skylight. The vented edged design provides an escape route for heated air to rise from your ceiling space, thereby cooling your house in summer. This ingenious design is both self-ventilating and leak proof, not allowing rain water in, while letting the hot air escape.

Hail Proof

Due to the necessary positioning of skylights on building roofs, they are subject to the elements more intensely than any other part of a house. They will spend every hour of the day filtering light into your house, but this means that they are also open to the suns harmful UV rays, and are the first point of contact for hail storms.

It is for these reasons it is vital you purchase a Twista Skylight over a poorer quality imported version. At Twista Skylights our skylights are hail proof, and to prove this we even subject them to the hammer testing. They are built to withstand even the heaviest of hailstorms. We proudly acknowledge that our skylights survived the 1998 Sydney hailstorm without any breakages.

Twista skylights are uniquely engineered to be long-lasting so that we can offer you the best product available.

Highest Quality Materials / Industrial Strength

Unlike many poor quality alternatives we do not make our skylights from acrylic products, but only from the highest quality industrial strength products. Our skylights have been engineered to be both aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic, but maintain the durability of industrial strength products. We are so confident that our skylights are of the highest quality, we issue them with a 10 year warranty*.

Twista Skylights are proudly made in Australia. So you can trust that you are purchasing the highest standard of skylight produced in Australia.


Twista Skylights are not only Australia's best Skylight but we also offer the best price. Due to the popularity of our Sky Lights we are able to manufacture them in large quantities, but still at the highest standard, and pass the savings onto you. Please see our Cost of Skylights page, for the best prices around.

Made in Australia, with a 10 year warranty. SALE!
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